Frost Fighter IHS 700 Ice Fighter Indirect Fired Heater


Manufacture: Ice Fighter
Model: IHS 700
Year: N/A
Engine Type: N/A
Color: Blue
Hours: N/A

Frost Fighter IHS 700 Ice Fighter Indirect Fired High Static #2 furnace Oil Heater. 230v, Phase 1 & 2. 700,000 BTU Work ready, we can provide shipping quote to winning bidder

Fully insulated exterior shell – Cool to the Touch, plus enhanced efficiency and temperature rise

Satin Coated Steel + Powder Coated Paint – resists rust and prolongs durability

Durable Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger – increase heater life

Universal Duct Attachment – easily attach either Pin Lock or Belt Cuff Duct Styles

Polarity Light Indicator – instant notification of proper power being supplied to the heater

Independent Fan & Blower – ensures better light-offs & combustion control

81% US Efficiency Rating / 91% European Efficiency Rating